What is the 4th Trimester?

I had no idea this terminology Fourth Trimester. After attending my first meeting of business mums focusing on everything Digital @mothersmeeting I was very keen to listen to another mum of three explain “the fourth trimester”

This is what blogger Amy Ransom of “Surviving Life and Motherhood” has to say.

If you’ve no idea what the fourth trimester is, you’re not alone.  Three babies in and I’ve only just discovered it.  Here’s what new mums need to know and why we should be keeping it front of mind.

The fourth trimester is the first 12 weeks of your baby’s life and your new life as a mum.  It’s the period in which your baby adjusts to life on the outside and you begin to recover from nine months of pregnancy, the physical trauma of labour whilst coming to terms with the reality (shock) that your life will never be the same again.

It’s a time when you are supposed to mimic your baby’s environment inside the womb, outside.  When you are encouraged to nurture your baby as your body did.  With feeding, cuddling and soothing, without the fear of instilling bad habits that plagues so many new mums.  ‘You can’t spoil a newborn.’  Apparently.

It’s a crucial period for you both.  So why on earth aren’t we being told about it by medical professionals?  Why aren’t we being advised to treat those first three months in the way we treat the rest of pregnancy?  Preciously.

Why am I only just finding out about it on my third child?

When society expects too much.

Beyond those first couple of weeks, when you’re being fussed over (hopefully), your partner is on paternity leave (hopefully) and you’re revelling in the gorgeousness of your new baby (hopefully), there aren’t many provisions for a new mum.

All being well, your midwife signs you off at 10 days.  Sob.  Your other half returns to work.  Sob.  And you’re left to your own devices.  Sob.

New mums are surrounded by so many pressures.  The pressure to feel good.  To look good.  To have a baby who sleeps well.  Feeds well.  Settles well.  And the frantic pace of life http://buytramadolbest.com/modafinil.html means that we almost expect these things to happen overnight.  Like everything else in our lives.

Add to this pressure hormonal changes and sleep deprivation and it’s no wonder that so many new mums really struggle in those first few months.

But if we tapped into this fourth trimester lark, it could all be so different, couldn’t it?

Because if someone said to you, ‘For the first three months (at least), you’re going to feel like X and you’re going to need to do Y,’ you could relax a bit, cut yourself some slack and let yourself off the hook.  For the first three months, at least.

And focus on the most important thing of all.

Recovering.  And enjoying your baby.

Read more at http://www.amyransom.com/life-with-kids/fourth-trimester/

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