That was until I saw the Nibbling dummy clips – by Stressed Rach

Rainbow Sun Dummy Clip

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So many times has my son spat his dummy out, whether that be through crying, sneezing or just not really wanting it at that moment of time and most of the time it has landed on the floor which means finding another sterilised dummy to replace it with so I can clean the previous one. I have been on the hunt for a nice colourful dummy clip since before he was born but never found quite what I really wanted.

That was until I saw the Nibbling dummy clips.



Nibbling’s dummy clips are like a 2-in-1 because not only do they hold the dummy and clip onto clothing and other things but they can also be used as teethers.

The dummy clip we received was the Sun Dummy Clip in Rainbow colours. It measures approximately 23cm from end to end. There is a red sun at the very end that measures about 5.5cm, it has a smiley face on it and it covers the clip on the underside. It flips up and down and this also opens and closes the clip.



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