Nibbling featured in Smallish Magazine

Nibbling NOW featured in the April 15 press edition of the Smallish Magazine (click here to visit the website).

Smallish Magazine is the first luxury magazine of its kind to solely target young families across the country on a monthly basis. More than just a parenting title, smallish is a glossy, intelligent read with stylish fashion photography and challenging features from award-winning writers. Covering family life, health, antidiabetic drugs online, entertainment, education, travel, food, fashion, interiors and more, smallish is an inspiring read for discerning mothers who want more from a parenting magazine.


One thought on “Nibbling featured in Smallish Magazine

  1. Nick says:

    We received these teehters as a shower gift (not the pink version) for our son. These have lasted through all his teeth, as well as numerous turns in the dishwasher. Still looks brand new, even after being toted around town ( my keys ), across the country, and in various toy boxes throughout the house. My teething daughter found these and refuses to part with them, Great in the bath, at the table, on the changing table My kids were/are so pleased with these teehters!

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