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Camden Red
Camden Necklace Red

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I’m a huge fan of teething necklaces, having three children in six years means that more delicate jewellery is out and I’ve been choosing the bright, funky options which are safe for little mouths and hands instead.
Nibbling Necklaces are a new brand to me and I received their Camden necklace in red. This is made up of red round beads with four large flat beads to add detail. The beads are made from food grade silicone so safe for your little one to play with and place in their mouth, they’ll even help as a teething aid if your baby is looking for something to bite on.
In between my baby son and toddler daughter we have tested the necklace well. The baby puts everything to his mouth at the moment and the beads have been a hit with him since I’ve started wearing them. My little girl likes to fiddle with my clothes when she is having a cuddle and has loved running them through her fingers and playing with them. There’s a clasp on the necklace so, if your child pulls on them or they get tangled on anything, it will open rather than causing the necklace to break. The beads each a knot tied between them which adds to the movement of the necklace and means that the beads won’t go everywhere if the necklace should happen to break.

At £28 the necklace is quite expensive but it is really high quality and there are so many steps taken by Nibbling to ensure that it is safe to wear around your children that I think it is well worth the cost. The necklaces are offered in bright block colours so you could buy one or two to form the basis for your accessories while your children are young. I’d definitely recommend them, wearing jewellery makes me feel more like myself and being able to do this safely around my children is brilliant.

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