Rattles are the best baby toy

My babies have always favoured toys that are easy to grasp and rewards them with a sound. So it was very clear to me that Nibbling must offer a stylish chewable rattle.

Here are the reasons that babies love and LEARN from rattles:

  • coordinate eye movement, this is called tracking
  • learn grasp reflux
  • learn fine motor skills, hold and shake the rattle
  • explore texture with hands, tongue and mouth
  • easily cleaned
  • safe, no small parts

Rattles can help to teach babies many new skills. When parents or caregivers hold a rattle up, babies might first look at the rattle with their eyes. If a parent moves the rattle from one side to to the other, babies learn to visually track, or coordinate their eyes together to watch a moving toy.

At first babies will hold their rattles tightly with a strong grasp reflex. As their fine motor skills develop, they will learn to hold and shake their rattle in the air. They will play by bringing their rattle to their mouth and safely exploring these baby toys not only with their hands, but their tongue and mouth. These rattles also have textured surfaces, that allow them to also double as great teething toys (see the Turquoise Orange Rattle Ring), as babies chew and gnaw on toys to help soothe their gums when they cut new teeth. Babies also learn to hold the rattle in one hand then transfer the toy into another hand.

Nibbling has five colourful Rattle Rings available that are made from medical http://premier-pharmacy.com/ grade BPA free silicone and can be washed in the dishwasher or sterilised. These make a lovely baby shower or new baby gift. Our Rattles coordinate with our Teething Necklace range to make a lovely set for New Mother and Baby.


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