Mothers Meetings where the “Worlds Coolest Mothers Connect”

Mothers Meetings

Mothers Meetings @mothersmeetings this is defiantly the place you go if you want to feel cool and fresh and empowered. Founded by mother Jenny Scott and author of the book “How to Be a Hip Mama Without Losing Your Cool”.

I have been to two of these Mothers Meetings Business Club events in Bethnal Green at the fashionable Town Hall Hotel. Upon arriving at the transformed modern courthouse you are greeted with coffee (what mums need) and 100 trendy mums who all have some sort of interesting story. Some are currently building a business, others established or planning to change careers. Some have wee babies on there laps, some have powerful CV’s. They are all sharing connections, listening to the guest speakers and laughing at Jenny’s great sense of humor.

I highly recommend following her Instagram feed and attending one of her events.  It was great to talk about Nibbling and doing business in the baby industry. Both times I left inspired.

A little more info on the host/founder Jenny

Author Jenny Scott is Founder, Leader, Facilitator and the Mothership Captain.  She is an all round inspiring down to earth influencer with the aim of rallying mothers from all over the globe to never quit on themselves.  Being part of the mothership means living your life with full force and never without the friendship and fun of Mothers Meeting.

Since the launch of Jenny’s 2014 book “How to be a Hip Mama Without Losing Your Cool”, a parenting survival guide for a new breed of mums, the Mothers Meeting network has grown from big to huge.  Leading regular MM events with her cool and crisp energy, Jenny vows to maintain a non-fluff space for mums, making MM the antithesis of a yummy-mummy-club or stiff networking event.

Like its’ Founder, MM is a breath of fresh air offering an infectious welcoming approach for the hundreds/thousands of women who depend on its’ powerful events and workshops held consistently throughout the year.  As Jenny so aptly says, “just quit the guilt and join the gang at Mothers Meeting”.

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