Kids and I so excited for Halloween

Only two weeks to go until Halloween.

Baby Halloween Costumes UK

Every year I get so excited for Halloween and yet this North American tradition is not a big deal in Europe, so some people may think I am crazy. I actually have not told my European husband that dispute being away for the 31st our son is hosting a Halloween Party on the 20th. That’s so I can dress all my kids up, decorate and dress up myself.

I guess I saw Halloween as being a bit like Christmas but instead of presents you just get sweets!

When my daughter was only one and could barely crawl we took her to a few houses in our neighbourhood all dressed up as Minnie Mouse, rung the doorbell and watched as the homeowner would open to see a little munchkin waiting for her sweet. She would be so happy to get something to shake around in her bag and not even care that it was pure toxic sugar and she would never eat it.

Now I’m the grown up and I have three children of my own Halloween will be a fantastic family time. I dont see why Brits dont want to celebrate. After all they love their fancy dress.

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